Vacuum garbage truck



The vacuum truck from Haoruitong is provided with the Sinotruk HOWO chassis. Based on customers’ needs, it is improved into a garbage truck with self-dump function. The liquid waste truck is equipped with a hydraulic jacking mechanism at the forepart of the container, which can tilt the container to a certain angle, making sure that the garbage in it can be automatically unloaded due to gravity.

The vacuum truck is ideal for environmental sanitation, municipal waste management, factories and residential community with many and concentrated waste. According to containers, the liquid waste collection vehicle can be divided into enclosed and opened types.

1. The sanitation truck is excellent for collection and transportation of non-solid waste.

2. To avoid secondary pollution, most of our vacuum trucks are enclosed type.

3. Top cover and rear door are driven by hydraulic system to open, thus improving total sealing performance and preventing dust being raised or leakage during transportation. They can open and close in a short time. So, loading and unloading time can be shortened correspondingly and thus working efficiency can be improved.

4. According to the requirements of customers for tank capacity, our designers choose the most appropriate chassis and make sure that the total weight of sealed tank and liquid waste loaded in it does not exceed the rated loading capacity.

Center of gravity of the vacuum truck is reduced to prevent turning on its side or other unsafe factors during loading and unloading or running through muddy road.