Low Bed Semi Trailer



The semi-trailer features an optimized design for flexibility and versatility by using advanced computer-aided design software. As a heavy-duty vehicle, it is equipped with a load-bearing frame that can meet the requirements of users for a wide range of special transport. If you need an efficient transport facility for mechanical equipment, large goods, road construction equipment, huge storage tanks, power-plant equipment or diversified steel materials, this product could be your ideal choice!


The low loader trailer is also called lowboy trailer. It is commonly used as a transportation system for various steel materials, large goods, storage tanks, road construction machines, power-plant machinery and mechanical equipment.


1. This lowboy trailer is divided into flat-bed type, concave-beam type and exposed-tire type. The longitudinal beam can be straight or shaped like a goose neck. To ensure high stiffness and strength, its cross section is H shaped, and a step frame is used.

2. The design of low bed ensures high stability during the transport of various engineering machines, large equipment and steel materials etc.

3. Our product can be also classified as balanced triaxial type, balanced biaxial type and rigid suspension type. A balance block is placed between two leaf springs, enabling the front and rear axles to receive an equivalent force.


Large capacity hydraulic low bed semi-trailer



Axle NO

3 pcs

Wheel Base

7380+1320+1320 (mm)

Outside Dimension

13000-18000X2500X1580 L×W×H (mm)

Tyre specifications

12.00R20 14PR Radio Tire

Tyre No


leaf-spring Pcs

12 pcs

Axle load

13 T


Mechanic Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Suspension

Material & Thickness

main beams Q345B/ST52-3

through cross beams Q235

Main beam Height: 500 mm

Upper flange : 14mm

Mid web : 8 mm

Lower flange: 16mm

Side Beam: 160 mm

Brake System

Double pipe line air brake, front two axle is 30 air chamber, rear axle is 30/30 air chamber.

Electrical System

24V, 7core socket, lights according to European standards.



Head Wall


Tool Box

1 box of standard tools

Spare tire carrier

1 set

Color and Logo

Depends on the buyer’s requirement.

The traction pin

3.5’ or 2’

Pin Height

According to the height of the tractor saddle.

Tare Weight

6.9 Tons


4mm diamond plate