Wing opening van



The wing opening van body is specially designed by the company.

It uses moment type square tube fame structure, the side uses aluminum and decorated with aluminum corrugated plate, the inner is made of galvanized plate and the outer is made of a whole piece of galvanized plate.

It can open the side board and the back door, the top and the back of the door is similar with corrugated iron van. The side consists of turning plate, top plate and bottom plate.

The left and right sides of the wing hydraulic is an open type car, the two sides can work independently and not influence each other.

It can open freely and let the car transport more efficient and convenient.

wing opening van have a fast speed to loading and unloading , with high efficiency, tight sealing, and can unloading in the side of the truck etc,  especially suitable for heavy machinery fast loading and unloading, save time, save labor cost, is the main tool of modern logistics.

Vehicle used HOWO sinotruk chassis, the German mann engine technology, safe, comfortable, economic and efficient.

Many options open means: total wingspan of optional type; Half wings on both sides,then the lower column board type; One full wing on the other side box open type; One and a half wing type opening more than the other side of the box to open the door.

Easy to operate, USES the independent professional opening and closing system, button to open/close.

Good sealing, special waterproof materials, sealing strip.

Loading and unloading efficiency is high, can be directly used to forklift loading and unloading.

Effectively reduce logistics cost and improve the overall benefits.

Weight Parameter

Curb Mass (kg)


Full Loaded Mass (kg)


Rated Towing Mass (kg)


Dimension Parameter

External Size

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheel Base (mm)


Performance Parameter

Economic Speed (km/h)


Max. Speed (km/h)


Max. Grade Ability (%)


Min. Turning Diameter (m)


Packing case parameters

External Size(mm)