He AI Master Justine Cassell Made Speech in SINOTRUK
Release time : 2018-03-31

Release time:2018-03-09  Author: SINOTRUK

Ms. Cassell, the Co-chairman of WEF, the Future of Computing, Former Chairwoman of Global Artificial Intelligence Council and Vice President of Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute, headed a delegation to visit SINOTRUK. During the visit, she made a speech entitled AI and Global Future Economy in SINOTRUKTower. In the speech, she expressed her viewpoints on orientation of AI and its influence on the economy. More than 700 people from the government, universities and companies listened to her speech. According to Ms. Cassell, AI is not a tool. Instead, it is a paradigm and a means. In the future, AI will produce far-reaching influence on society and economy. 

 Mr. Xu Qun, Executive Member of CPC Jinan Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Jinan, was present at the dialogue. The participants witnessed SINOTRUK recruiting Ms. Cassell as its AI Strategic Adviser. President Cai Dong of SINOTRUK Co., Ltd. granted the certificate to Ms. Cassell.  


During the visit, Ms. Cassell and Jinan co-hosted the series event Focalize on Artificial Intelligence & Motivate the City of Springs. Ms. Cassell and her delegation were met by Mr. Wang Zhonglin, the Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Jinan. The hosts and guests shared the best practice and global experience in the role of AI in city governance, and discussed how to use WEF as a platform to boost economic and social development in Jinan. They also witnessed SINOTRUK signing framework agreement on strategic partnership with the Financial World magazine and China Thinkers Bureau. 


Mr. Wang Yinglong, Party Secretary of Qilu University of Technology, chaired the post-speech dialogue session. Chairwoman Cassell, Vice Mayor Xu Qun, Professor Sun Fuchun at Tsinghua University, Editor-in-Chief Hu Meijuan of the Financial World, and SINOTRUK Cai Dong discussed the correlations between AI and city development and industrial orientation. President Cai Dong briefed about the R&D and application of SINOTRUK’s intelligent trucks, saying “commercial vehicle industry now experiences full competition in the world. Vehicles produced by manufacturers should create greater values for users. The automatic driver’s cabin represents a major orientation in the predictable future. In 2011, SINOTRUK started to make researches in Intelligent Truck”. He also exchanged opinions with other participants about the development orientation of AI in vehicle autopilot. The 50 volunteer AI fans mobilized by SINOTRUK enjoyed, together with other audience, the brainstorm. 


Before the speech, the Chairwoman Cassell, accompanied by relevant executives of SINOTRUK, visited SINOTRUK Industrial Park in Zhangqiu, to see SINOTRUK intelligence production line and its Intelligent Trucks. The Chairwoman said, “It is really amazing that SINOTRUK is able to develop such advanced sensor technologies, which combine radar and GPS technology to detect road conditions and improve safety of vehicle operations.

                                                                                                           Zhou Xue